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About XWT

You don't "install" web pages; you simply visit them.
Why should applications be any different?

XWT is the XML Windowing Toolkit. It lets you write remote applications -- applications that run on a server, yet can "project" their user interface onto any computer, anywhere on the Internet.

Some situations XWT is ideal for

Highly mobile users:

Anyone who uses many different computers

Thin client environments:

The user is provided with low-cost hardware, and freed from the hassles of security monitoring, patching, installing, upgrading, and uninstalling software.


ASPs can now transcend the limitations of HTML and "rent" applications with rich user interfaces. Customers interested in purchasing and hosting the application can try it before committing resources to configuration and deployment.

Some of the many advantages of XWT

Unlike all other remote-display technologies, XWT applications are usable and responsive regardless of network congestion, delays, and even complete network failures.

Unlike "web applications", XWT applications are not constrained by the limitations of HTML. XWT can precisely match the appearance and behavior of normal desktop applications.

Existing HTML/JavaScript developers can be productive immediately developing XWT user interfaces. This is because XWT visual layout is specified using a dialect of XML which is extremely similar to HTML tables, and because interactivity is scripted in industry-standard ECMAscript (JavaScript). No special tools are required -- just a simple text editor and a zip archiver.

The XWT Engine is packaged as both an ActiveX control and a Java applet, so you can access XWT applications from all major platforms (Win95/98/ME/NT/2k/XP, Linux, Solaris, MacOS X) without installing any additional software. It is distributed under an open source license, so it can easily be ported to new platforms.

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