What is XWT?

You don't "install" web pages; you simply visit them.
Why should applications be any different?

XWT is the XML Windowing Toolkit. It lets you write remote applications -- applications that run on a server, yet can "project" their user interface onto any computer, anywhere on the Internet. Find out more...

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Unlike all other remote-display technologies, XWT applications are usable and responsive regardless of network congestion, delays, and even complete network failures. Find out more...

Unlike "web applications", XWT applications are not constrained by the limitations of HTML. XWT can precisely match the appearance and behavior of normal desktop applications. Find out more...

You can access XWT applications from all major platforms. Find out more...

XWT is distributed under an open source license. Find out more...

XWT applications are specified using a dialect of XML, combined with ECMAscript (JavaScript), so existing HTML/JavaScript developers can be productive immediately. No special tools are required. Find out more...

Latest News

Third prerelease of the new widget set released3 September 2003

Here's the third and final prerelease of the 0.5 widget set. Development towards the 0.5 goals is being discontinued due to increased focus on Nitrogen - the next release will be based on 0.6 which will accompany the release of the Nitrogen core!

This should occur late-September - date forthcoming.

Launch the new Widget Sampler

Nitrogen release is fast approaching 2 September 2003

The release of Nitrogen is set to occur some time during late September. This will be accompanied by a matching release of the new widget set. New in Nitrogen is SVG themes, True Type fonts, grid boxes, OpenGL acceleration, a new Javascript parser, a new XML parser, and many other improvements. This is a momentus release for XWT which paves the way for an exciting future. Stay tuned for updates.

All development efforts are now focused on Nitrogen which will completely replace Lithium. Look out for new documents and tutorials to support the Nitrogen release.

SVG support nearing completion26 June 2003

Rapid progress has been made on adding SVG support to the upcoming Nitrogen release of XWT. A screenshot recently released by Adam shows how complete the renderer is.